How to grow potatoes

How to grow potatoes

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There is no disputing that the potato is one of the most versatile and common vegetables. Potatoes are a fantastic food source that provides us with a high dose of carbohydrates. Potatoes cooked in the correct way are actually good for us. Many people spend hundreds of pounds each year buying potatoes so it makes sense to grow your own.

Follow our simple steps on how to get you harvesting your very own fresh and delicious potatoes.

1. Pick your seed – there are many different varieties of potato so you will need to choose which one is your favourite but keep in mind how much growing room you have; some need more space than others.

2. Chit your seeds – to get them off to an early start and increase yield you should chit your seeds first. Do this by laying your seeds out in a tray and leaving them in a sunny spot until they begin to sprout.

3. Plant your seeds. Potatoes aren’t fussy on soil type just ensure to plant somewhere with low alkaline levels. You should aim to plant them in late March or April.

4. Make sure you keep up with watering in especially warm conditions.

5. Harvest – Most should be ready to harvest July or August.