Our Nighttime Visitor, the Hedgehog

Our Nighttime Visitor, the Hedgehog

At some time in our lives, we will have a little hedgehog visit our garden.  That snuffling sound they make is unmistakable.  Unfortunately, hedgehog numbers are in decline in the UK.  To help keep this little garden snuffler returning, here are a few tips on how to help them.

Create an access hole in your fence approximately 12cmx12cm is plenty. Why not speak to your neighbours to create a ‘hedgehog highway’, so they can roam further.

Do not use slug pellets in your garden.  They contain a chemical called metaldehyde which is lethal to hedgehogs, dogs and cats. We recommend more natural alternatives.

Make a hedgehog house. Suitable habitats for hedgehogs are in decline so why not make your nighttime visitor a home. The Wildlife Trusts have a great ‘how-to’ on building a hedgehog home.

Check before lighting a bonfire. Either build and burn a bonfire on the same day or dismantle and rebuild a bonfire pile to ensure no hedgehogs have used that as a home.