Pros and cons of artificial turf

Pros and cons of artificial turf

Artificial turf has become increasingly popular in recent times but is it for everyone?

– Saves water – if you like to have fresh green grass, then this is a big advantage. Having artificial grass stays green and healthy looking all year round. You do not need to water to maintain this look so will save water.

– Durability – Artificial turf is much more durable than regular turf. If you have a heavy footfall in your garden or young children then artificial turf could be for you. There is also a decreased risk of injury – regular turf over time can get muddy and slippery in patches which can pose a small risk.

– Lower maintenance – this is probably the biggest advantage of having artificial turf.

– Heat hazard – Artificial turf can get extremely warm on hot sunny days – even in the UK. Artificial turf temperatures can get much higher than air temperatures.

– Chemical hazard – there have been several studies which conclude that artificial turf can contain hazardous chemical such as zinc or lead. These chemicals can run to other surfaces in your garden following heavy rainfall.

– Bacteria – Medical experts have concluded that artificial turf can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.